Energy Savings

Thermostat Energy Savings

Thermostat Energy Savings

Welcome to the Age of the Smart Thermostat

So you finally escaped life and got away on that big vacation that you have been planning for the last couple of years. You have traveled all the way to Cancun, Mexico from your little home in Upstate New York. You are sitting on the beach basking in the hot glow of the sun while everyone else you know freezes back home in five feet of snow. A cool breeze washes over you as you take a sip of your ice cold Piña Colada. Suddenly it hits you, tragedy! You just realized that you had forgotten to turn off your thermostat at home which may now end up costing you as much as that airfare to Cancun.

Hundreds of dollars are now needlessly warming up your vacant home. Ah, but you are prepared. Just a few months ago you installed a low cost, cutting edge Wi-Fi or smart thermostat that you can control with your smartphone. You now have the solution right in the palm of your hands. Because your smartphone in Cancun will interface with your thermostat in New York, you can turn off your thermostat with a touch of the touchscreen saving yourself all that wasted money. Now you can enjoy that Piña Colada with peace of mind.

Not only can consumers control their thermostat from a vacation on the beach, they can control it from anywhere, including the morning commute or in the office. Some features of a smart thermostat allow users to create zones within their home at varying settings for cost savings effect and warmth…or cool air.

Simple Steps To Follow to Reduce Energy Costs

There are quite a few things that you’d need to do and the thermostat is going to deeply affect the way you do them. However, if you manage to do them correctly, you’re going to end up with significant savings up your pocket.

1. Don’t Overuse Your Heating System

Unless you are freakishly cold, don’t set it to a tropical degree. This would send a signal to your thermostat and if you fail to adjust it the device is going to maintain a lot higher temperature which would certainly lead to higher costs. Set your thermostat to a normal temperature range and enjoy the savings that this is going to bring you.

2. Turn off and turn on with cautious

Now, you should understand that the turning on of your heating system is an incredibly energy consuming endeavor that should be optimized. Avoid doing it without a good reason. For instance, you can easily turn off your heating system when you go to work. Turn it back on when you intended to get back home, using the modern features of your thermostat and the integration with your mobile phone.

3. Take advantage of the features

There are a lot of valuable features which would allow you to save up to 20% of your energy bill. This goes out for all other fuel sources as well. For instance, you can take full advantage of the sleeping mode which would require your heating system to maintain a certain temperature without turning off and losing a lot of energy in the process.

Thermostats are designed to optimize the healing of your home. This is why you should use them to the fullest potential.

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