Thermostat Buying Guide

Thermostat Buying Guide

Is Picking the Right Thermostat Really that Difficult?

When selecting a thermostat, everyone has so many choices to pick from. We also have an overabundance of websites dedicated to providing consumers with the most up-to-date information on which thermostat is best for your home. Let's break this down in simple terms and help guide you to make the right thermostat selection.

We have many reasons why this is not your grandfather’s thermostat review or buying guide, the first being the most obvious…he did not have the Internet. As he might say, “Back in my day, you would ask your neighbor what kind of thermostat they used,” and then you would go by one based on word-of-mouth.

The second reason takes us inside your local hardware store. No more standing in front of dozens of variations of the same product trying to decide which thermostat will work best for your home heating and cooling system. We are living on the verge of a technological revolution and that’s pretty much a fact. By taking advantage of contemporary solutions like online shopping, for instance, you’d be able to do a thorough comparison of different thermostats without having to go around numerous locations. This would ultimately allow you to make the most informed and optimized choice.

Thermostat Buying Guide

Like a Kid in a Thermostat Shop

The first and most important thing that you’d have to do when you’ve went out to shop for a thermostat is to determine the type that you need.

In the world of thermostats you have four elementary types to choose from.

  • The basic nonprogrammable manual style that most of us grew up with is the first one. The manual style you can set at your desired temperature and leave it there perpetually.
  • Next up we have an upgrade from the manual style in the form of the digital thermostat, with options of either programmable or nonprogrammable functionality. Some of the digital models even have intuitive touch-screen which allow for easy programmability and functionality.
  • The third style comes in the form of the sleek and trendy newer remote Wi-Fi smart thermostats with programmable options which allow users control from any compatible computer, tablet, or Smartphone
  • The last option is the learning thermostat. The learning thermostat is digital and learns from your heating and cooling traits and adapts to those changes. It allows the user to view controls via the Wi-Fi connection in your home and make adjustments as needed Buying Guide

Once you are all set with the style, you have to think about compatibility.

Make sure that thermostat that you opt to buy is going to be eligible for your particular heating or cooling system. For instance, if you are running an oil furnace, the thermostat has to be specifically compatible with it. Same goes for wood, pellets, electricity and basically all sorts of power sources. In any case, this is crucial.

Afterwards you should pay attention to the features that the thermostat comes with.

The more they are – the more convenience the device is going to bring. You can go for adjustable cycles, auto changeover switches, clear indicators projected on the screen, memory backups and saves, reminders for different activities. All of these are things that you can consider. Of course, the more features you opt for, the higher the price is going to get.

All the Bells and Whistles

Who says you can't have all the bells and whistles in a thermostat. Well, if you are willing to pay for it, you can have everything you have ever wanted. Before you decide on what bells and whistles you need, you have to figure out what your budget is, and then you can find a thermostat that fits within that price range.

There are just so many features that you can choose from such as:

  • Automated turn-on/turn-off feature
  • Fine tuning
  • Mobile device integration – control your thermostat from your phone
  • Sleep Modes and a bunch of others


Determining your budget is crucial because that’s basically what’s going to define the type of thermostat that you’d be able to purchase. However, once you are through all of that and you’ve find the fit for your home, the last thing to do is to go over buyer’s review. There is plenty of information on the internet and you can access it with a click of a button. Go on popular selling sites like eBay or Amazon and check out what the people have to say for your particular type of thermostat. This is going to give you the ultimate edge when you decide to buy the unit.

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