How to Build Your Smart Home

With the technological advancement that we are enjoying nowadays, it is totally possible to command and control everything in our home with just one whim. Refrigerators nowadays can now shop by itself thanks to an internal system that can do an inventory of what needs to be shopped and what needs to be thrown out. Televisions, computers and even mobile phones are now becoming more sophisticated since it can provide faster and more reliable information with the aid of the internet. Everything today is digital and everyone is demanding for faster, more reliable and effective products and services.

Who would have thought that the time will come when we, humans will not only enjoy the comfort of our smart TVs and smart phones but can also experience a smart home where everything is automated? Isn’t it amazing how we are enjoying the benefits of technology and everything is just so accessible in an instant? Well, there is nothing more exciting than knowing that there are new and more effective ways in building smart homes.

How to Build Smart Home

It would be beneficial to start understanding and getting familiar with the different home automation technology. I understand that you perceive these automation technology as something that may require the whole geek squad brain cells but it still pays to know what and how they work. Plus, I assure you that they will be described in straight English. No jargons. No technical, out-of-this-world explanation.

Now, let us discuss what is a home automation protocol and how important is it? A home automation protocol is commonly known as home control technology. This is the system that is responsible in communicating with all the appliances, devices and other smart products at home. A home automation protocol transmits instructions to and from a device wirelessly or wired to make sure that every component in your home automation system can work together. There are a lot of automation protocols available in the market today such as X1-, ZigBee and the most recommended Insteon protocol.

Smart home hubs act as a centralized system controller of all the smart home gadgets available. Hubs connect all devices in one setting or application and acts as a universal remote control. It will also activate the automation capability of your other devices. For instance, when you arrived at home from work, the moment that you unlock your door, the lights in your entry way will be turned on and your thermostat will automatically set the temperature. You can try checking the Samsung SmartThings Hub which can connect more than 200 devices at home or the very affordable Quirky Wink Hub.

For the added security at home, you can install surveillance cameras which will allow you to monitor your home through your phones. Who would have thought that security and peace of mind could be this handy? There are also a lot of surveillance cameras available in the market but you can try checking out our most recommended Piper NV or Nest Cam.

It is also recommended to decide how you want to control your devices. Do you want to use your voice or you prefer pushing buttons? We have a number of controllers recommended for you depending on your preferences such as the Amazon Echo and Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home.

Central heating and cooling system nowadays is more advanced compared to what we have had in the past. Instead of the basic on and off features, smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature every minute and even during those times that you are too busy to think about it. Nest’s Learning Thermostat is one of the most well-known smart home solutions. Although you can also consider the Hive, Notation, Honeywell and the most coveted Ecobee3 Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat.

How to Build Smart Home

There is a wide array of connected lighting options available in the market. Lighting bulbs, just like any other devices nowadays have also evolved by providing several smart and useful features such as scheduling and controlling remotely. Phillips Hue’s bulbs and GE connected bulbs are some of the most most-recognized.The above-listed options are just some of the things that we need to consider first when we decide to upgrade our simple and traditional home to becoming a smart one. We have reached the point in this world where everything needs to be instant and automatic. In addition, I can discuss the individual factors in different articles to fully guide you and to make sure you have everything you need in building a smart home. It is better to know the ins and outs of the technology we plan to use first before jumping on the bandwagon of home automation technology.

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