Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

Thermostats are increasingly growing in popularity due to a variety of good reasons. In any case, being the energy efficient solutions that they are, thermostats truly have a lot more to offer. There is a wide array of choice on the market with plenty of manufacturers. This abundance makes it rather hard to navigate through and with this in mind we’d like to bring to your attention the Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

Design & Setup

The device has an incredibly appealing and contemporary design. It’s simplistic but, at the same time, it comes with all the perks that you can expect from a modern thermostat. It’s equipped with a responsive touch screen display which provides you easy access to all of its features. Setting it up is also relatively easy. The only trick here is to have a C wire which is generally blue in color. However, if you don’t have such wire in your power circuit, you can re-purpose the green one. You can find a lot of educational videos on the Internet, showing you exactly how to set up this particular thermostat.


When it comes to features, the Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat is definitely the whole package. There are two particularly economic features that the thermostat offers:

  • Eco Mode : this one would reduce the overall energy consumption of your heating system in order to provide you with ultimate efficiency. This is something which earns it five stars on the efficiency scale.
  • Circulate Fan Sleeping : this is the ultimate way to keep your AC cranking without taking up additional electricity. It allows the fan to circulate without generating heat or cool, but solely keeping the environment fresh.

Using it is more or less like using your smart phone. With full access to Wi-Fi, you can operate the thermostat through any other mobile device at your disposal. You can set the temperature as well as the maintenance time for this particular temperature and you can set heating, cooling and shut-down options. Apart from that you can regulate the speed of your fans, monitor humidity, temperature, as well as monitor outside temperature through data collected from the internet. You can watch the forecast and adjust your settings accordingly. Basically, you can control absolutely everything in relation with your heating system. Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat Review

Pros & Cons

Some of the strong selling points of the thermostat hide behind its key features. Let’s take a look:

  • Geofencing : this allows you to use your phone when you are close to your home in order to start the heating system. Enjoy your warm home right when you get back.
  • Fine tuning : the thermostat would allow you to choose between a wide array of different programs, temperatures, fan speed and whatever you need to feel comfortable.
  • Notifications : you are also going to be able to pre-set the thermostat to send notifications to your smart phone when the temperature gets too high or too low, for instance.

There are plenty strong selling points regarding the Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat. Right off the bat, its sleek, modern design with delicate touch screen and incredibly responsive interface make the device incredibly easy to use. It comes with all the right features and there is hardly a thing that you can ask for that this thermostat can’t deliver.

  • On the other hand, even though it’s very responsive, all this technology could get quite overwhelming. If you are unfamiliar with current technology, you won’t be able to use the device to its fullest potential, which is likely to be its only drawback

Help & Support

Honeywell is a company with established reputation. They have professional support crew that’s capable of providing you with information regarding every question that you might have. Being a leader in the industry, the company is well aware that customer support is essential for establishing the require trust and thus it provides it excellently.


In conclusion, the Honeywell Lyric RCH9300WF Wi-Fi Thermostat is without a doubt amongst the high end thermostats that you can go for. With this in mind, there are not a lot of devices which can accomplish its task better. Choosing it would be a well-thought decision.

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