Best Smart Home Hubs

Best Smart Home Hubs

If your house has already be equipped with digital clocks, thermostats, automatic lights, security cameras, etc., the next thing you need is a smart home hub to connect them together.

A smart phone hub is a central gadget that can remotely command and automatize all other smart devices in your home as it can connect all of them to the cloud. Useful as a smart home hub might be, people are still very confused with choosing the hub suitable for the gadgets in their home. In this article, we are going to review 4 best smart home hubs.

1. Best budget smart home hub : Amazon Echo Dot - Best budget smart home hub Amazon Echo Dot

With its low price ($49, half of most other hubs), Amazon Echo Dot is an economical option for you to connect various devices in the Alexa hub and then automate them using the dot. Although it does not have the booming speaker like that of the $179 Echo, its microphones are far-field, making it able to spread your voice across the room. It can automatically turn on and off the lights, read a bunch of news such as news headlines, sports results, weather forecast, etc.

2. Best searcher: Google Home - Best searcher Google Homet

Google Home also has an integral speaker. Plus, it is able to react to vocal order,supervise both smart home gadgets and stream music. All of these make it a strong competitor with Amazon Echo.

However, its most outstanding feature is the assimilation with Google Assistant, allowing you to search for anything you want. Moreover, if there is a Chromecast, you can command it by your voice via Google Home.

3. Good for beginners: Wink Hub 2 - Good for beginners Wink Hub 2

Second-generation version of Wink smart home hub can be hooked up to a multitude of smart home devices such as Google Home, Alexa, Z-Wave Wink, Lutron Clear Connect, Zigbee and Kiddle devices. It is very thin and polished. It can also be linked with Bluetooth LE and has integral base for Google's Thread interface.

Moreover, Wink Hub 2 has a twice powerful memory processor,5GHz Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port. In comparison with the old version, the instinctive interface of the new one is useful for those who dip their toes into smart homes; nevertheless, users may might be disappointed with its deficiency of cutting-edge components.

4. HomeKit: Apple TV 4K -HomeKit Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K’s mainly aims at streaming content to your television, but it also functions as an entry for a small but rising number of smart home devices.

If HomeKit-adaptable devices are hooked up through the Apple TV, you can control them via your phone even by Siri. Last but not least, 4K content can be supported by the Apple TV 4K.

Above are best smart home hubs which allow you to connect and remotely control your smart devices. Read all of the information provided along with them, choose the most suitable one, try using it and give us your comments. We hope thatusing these smart home hubs, you can enjoy the best moments with the convenience of your smart home devices.

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