Air Conditioning Energy Saving Tips

We use the air conditioning units for a lot of reasons. Whether we want it to get a full 8 hours of sleep or we want to have an office upgrade by providing cosy atmosphere for our clients, we still go back to one word -CONVENIENCE. Air conditioning units allow us to feel more comfortable and be at ease even on our busiest days. However, apart from the convenience that it provides us, it is also very difficult to balance convenience and costs.

Maintaining a cool and well-air-conditioned home and office could result to a relaxing and more productive environment especially during the hottest months of the year. However, the comfort which air-condition units provide doesn't come for free. It costs the environment to use a lot of energy and our pockets to spend a huge amount of money. The good news is that we have found simple ways of effectively reducing both the environmental and actual cost of air condition usage.​

This article aims to provide basic and very doable energy saving tips to those who use air condition units.​

1. Rearranging your Furniture

Yes, you have heard it right! Rearranging your furniture can do magic in improving the flow of air in your office or room. So, take a look at the arrangement of your house furniture. Is there any large filing cabinet that blocks the airways? Move them. Adjust the place of your furniture according to the flow of air condition and make sure to give more ways to the cool air to roam around the house instead of directing it to a lifeless bookcase.

2. Reduce Lighting

Turning the lights off or adjusting them to a dimmer setting will reduce the heat in a room. This also includes the lights that you allow to enter through the windows. Thus, opening and closing the windows in certain times is such a great help in saving the energy you used for air condition without compromising the comfort it can give.

3. Service your AC Unit

A regular monthly check up of the AC Unit can do wonders for your unit's performance. Having it checked regularly, especially the filters and coils will make your unit work better and effectively. This simple step can also result to a 5% to 15% reduction on energy consumption.

4. Maximize the Use of your Fans

Fans are our reliable partners for energy consumption. It is a known truth that air condition units can make the air cooler immediately but fans can be a great help in circulating the air to the other parts of the house. The best thing about fans is that they do not use much energy like your AC units.

Choose between Portable and Window units or Centralized AC

5. Choose between Portable and Window units or Centralized AC

It is also important to know and determine one's cooling needs. If windows or portable units can meet your needs, it would allow you to save 50% on energy consumption. Get rid of extra expenses if you have other options that will allow you to get the same satisfaction but with lower costs.

6. Sun out, Cool in

Close the blinds and shade those windows that are directly exposed to the heat of the sun. You can start with simple things such as using blinds and curtains. Make sure as well to check if there are broken doors and windows that will allow the cool air produced by the air condition units to leak and escape.

7. Lock the Door when you Leave

I know I sound like you mom but there is actually an important twist in this version. Turn your AC off, lock the windows, close the blinds and doors when you leave. This will keep the sun out and will allow the existing cool air to stay inside the house. Once you get back home, your AC won't need to work overtime keeping things cool again.

8. Use a Wi-Fi Thermostat

WiFi Thermostat, also known as Internet Thermostat is one of the perks of technology that can remotely control the heating and cooling system within the house, give you alert when your AC needs to change air filter, acknowledge whether you are at home or not to turn on or turn of the AC. It really helps you saving money a lot.

The above-listed tips are proven to be effective in reducing the energy consumption and costs in using air conditioning units. These steps allow us to evaluate our current usage and ponder between the two driving forces - comfort and costs. Although it is not necessary to choose between the two, it is very beneficial to adjust the usage and other factors to get the best of both of these forces. Who says you can't have both comfort and low cost? It is just a matter of discipline and determination to follow these tips.

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